Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bookworm List: Going for the Gold

Once again, a big thanks to all that took part in this year's summer reading program. We hope everyone had a good time ( even amidst the renovations, which will be continuing well on to perhaps the next year or so) and will continue to come to the library.

Last Friday, about 200 or so  countries came to London, England for the Opening Ceremonies of 2012 Summer Games . ( The best parts were the 50  Mary Poppins fighting Voldermort and the Skyfall trailer.) The games will continue from now to August 12th. For information, including scheduling of events ( which are  airing on NBC and all NBC-owned stations), please see the official site

To celebrate, the Children's Dept has a display of books on the different sports of the Summer Games, like swimming and gynamstics, and the host country, London, England, ( plus some biographies on athletes and British personalities) for checking out. ( The Cedar Lake Library will be offering a program on Saturday,  August 4th, from 10-11:30 am for all ages. Please contact the Cedar Lake Library at 374-7121 or http://www.lcplin.org/calendar.htm to register.)

Here are some titles to check out:

  • The Olympics-Jane Duden
  • The Story of the Olympics-Dave Anderson
  • Track and Field-Shane Frederick ( part of the Summer Olympic Legend series)
  • Look What Came from England-Kevin Davis
 By the way-
2014- Winter Games ( Sochi, Russia)
2016- Summer Games ( Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Just a reminder...

 Just a reminder...

Next week is the last week of Summer Reading program 2012-Dream Big-Read! We hope everyone had a good time and that everyone keeps reading and coming to the library. Saturday, July 28th is the last day to turn books in for prizes. Please return all children's books to the book drop at the new, pretty Circulation desk after July 28th.

Here are our final three programs. Please register via the Library Calender at the www.lcplin.org or call 769-3541 ext 360.

  Blast Off! ( 4-5 yr old program) Tuesday, July 24th at 10 am or 2 pm

Family Movie Day (Happy Feet Two) All ages, please no dark or red-colored drinks- Wednesday July 25th at noon

Starry Starry Night ( K-5 and family program)- Thursday, July 26th at 4 pm ( Note-Because there is painting involved, children are asked to wear old clothes or paint shirts).

We will also be having a book exchange on Friday, July 27th from 2:30-4:30 pm. No registration is required for this program, open to infant to 6th grade. They are welcome to bring up to four gently-used books to exchange for four new gently-used books.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review-Calli Be Gold-Michele W. Hurwitz


Calli Gold is the youngest child in a family of over-achievers. Her older siblings are involved in sports, whereas she has tried everything, from tennis to origami, to fit the family's motto, " Be Gold!", but fails every time. But when paired with a new kid named Noah for the school's peer program, she soon learns that even being ordinary has much to offer.

This is a very good read for middle schoolers, particularly with a very likable  character. I also like that it teaches an important message that  being true to one's self is an achievement in  itself.

Calli Be Gold by Michele W. Hurwitz
Age Range: 8-12
Lexile: 700
***** ( 5 stars)

By the way, the author has her own website. She can be found at www.micheleweberhurwitz.com

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Music Review-Lullaby Round-up ( Part 3)

This is week six of Dream Big-Read. We still have about 3 ( or 2 1/2 half ) weeks of programs and turning in books for prizes ( today's program-Midnight on the Moon, 4 pm, for grades K-5.)

Back in June, I started a few reviews of lullaby CDs the library has to offer. For this final entry, I decided to list a few CDs with traditional lullabies, along with a list of instrumental CDs ( some in children's, some in the regular AV section, along with what kind of music is featured) I'm also listening a few keywords for searching our catalog  for  these and other CDs.

Again, anything in bold is regular AV.

Traditional lullaby songs:
  • Quiet Time-Raffi
  • Lullaby-Jewel
  • Deliah presents Heartwarming Songs of a Parent's Love-Various Artists
  • Barney's Sleepytime Songs-Barney
  • Wee Sing for Baby ( Note-This CD comes with a song book.)
  • Lullaby Themes for Sleepy Dreams- Susie Tallman

Instrumental Music
  •  Baby Einstein series ( Classical music, music-box style)
  • Kids Classic series ( Classical music, piano)
  • Sleep Well ( New age, relaxation)
  • Natural Sleep Inducement (New Age, relaxation, nature sounds)
  •  Rockabye Baby series( Pop/rock music, music-box style)
  • Love Songs and Lullabies-Jim Brickman ( Piano music, some vocal)
  • Wish Upon a Star:a tribute to the music of Walt Disney-Jenny Oaks Baker ( Disney music, classical style featuring violin)

 Keywords to  for searching:
-Children's songs-Juvenile sound recording
-Lullabies-Juvenile sound recording
-New Age music
-Music for relaxation-Sound recording
-Piano music
-Classical music, arranged
-Instrumental music-Juvenile sound recording

Keep the tunes going, enjoy the golden slumbers.