Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Reviews- A Cheerful New Character and The Pigeon is Back!!

Last Friday and this Tuesday, I was over at two of the local schools talking about Fizz Boom Read!, our upcoming summer reading program ( June 9-August 2.) I also brought a few books to share. Here are reviews for two of the books I "performed" ( I also had The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root and What Does the Fox Say?. Click on title for the reviews).

Lily the Unicorn by Dallas Clayton- Meet Lily the Unicorn. She loves making things, like music and messes. She also loves making friends. Today she met Roger the Penguin. Roger.... doesn't get out much. And he's really not into games or adventures, or even looking at the clouds. What will a unicorn do?

This is a really cute colorful book ( and I love unicorns!!!) I  really  loved the catalog of items featured on each page ( especially the cloud page and everything Roger loves, like empty pages and resting). Hopefully we'll see more of these two in the future.


Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems- Yay, the Pigeon who loves buses, late nites, hot dogs and puppies, is back! But he needs a bath! Even the flies don't like the grime and growing smell drifting from his body. Perhaps he's going to need a lot of convincing ( or cookies, I forget he likes cookies).

Obviously this is a great read aloud! I think this was the book I read the most for both visits (and it might be making an appearance at our open house). The kids were laughing, even telling the Pigeon " Dude, just take a bath!" They even enjoyed the 29 panels of him adjusting but still delaying the bath ( which includes adding toys that look like Knuffle and Piggie) and the surprise happy ending. Another joyful read from Willems.

Lily the Unicorn by Dallas Clayon
Age Range: 5 and up

Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems
Age Range: 5 and up
Lexile: 125

Both: ***** ( 5 stars)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fizz Boom Read!-June Programming

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the library's summer reading program. Starting June 9th, and continuing until August 2nd, children ages 2 to 14 can earn prizes by reading  library books. All they have to do is read one  book, magazine, or audio book and return it  to the Children's Department, where our teen volunteers will record each book read  on a special card, and eventually earn prizes for every 10 picture books or 500 chapter book pages read.

We will also be having programming during  the summer, too. Here are some programs that will happening next month in the Children's Dept at the Central Library. Please visit Library Events for information and to register.

Mother Goose on the Loose - Tuesday, June 3 at 10 am and Tuesday,June 17 at 10am or 11:30am
 Audience: Infants 6-23 Months and caregiver.

Story Time for 2 and 3 yr Olds- Monday, June 2 at 10 am and Monday, June 16 ( What's the Weather?) at 10 am or 11:30 am
Audience:2 and 3 year olds and caregivers.

Story Time for 4 and 5 yr Olds- Tuesdays at 10 am or 11:30 am
 June 10-Your Sensational Senses
June 24-Let's Get Moving
Audience: 4 and 5 year olds.

Family Movie Day ( Wednesday at noon)
Patrons can bring a lunch or snack. No red or dark colored drinks!
June 11-Jungle Book
June 18-The Smurfs 2
June 25-Planes
Audience: All Ages.  Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older.

Other Programs:
Board Game Fun- Wednesday, June 11 at 6:30 pm-Audience: Grades 2-6
Summer Reading Kick-off- Thursday, June 12 at 2pm-Audience: Ages 2-12
Lego Club-Monday, June 16 at 4pm-Audience: Grades 2-6
Gaming Night-Wednesday, June 18 at 6pm-Audience: Gr K-6
Ronald McDonald-Thursday,June 19 at 2pm-Audience: All Ages
Dunes National Lakeshore-Thursday, June 26 at 1pm-Audience: K-5
Kids Art Club-Thursday, June 26 at 4pm-Audience: 2-6
Hope to see everyone soon! Happy Summer!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Storytime for 2 and 3 yr old: Tea for Mama!

For our last storytime for spring, we celebrate mom ( who are "wow"!) The children heard three stories ( Mama's Day by Linda Ashman, ABC I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson, and Time for a Hug by Phillis Gershator and Mimi Green) and made a teacup thank you card. They also sang about the moon, counting some daffodils and played with scarves.

Here are some of the songs we did today:

Daffodils Fingerplay added 3-23-00 Original Author Unknown
(Show fingers or make daffodil puppets from cupcake liners and craft sticks!)

One little daffodil had nothing much to do,
Out popped another one, then there were two.
Two little daffodils growing by a tree,
Out popped another one, then there were three.
Three little daffodils were growing by the door,
Out popped another one, then there were four.
Four little daffodils were glad to be alive,
Out popped another one, then there were five.
Five little daffodils were wearing golden crowns,
They danced in the breeze in green satin gowns.

Wind O Wind ( wave scarf over your head, gracefully)
O Wind o Wind o Wind I say,
What are you blowing away today?
Scarves o Scarves o Scarves I say
I am blowing the scarves away. 

Peekaboo (Shake out scarf, have in full form)
Peekaboo, Peekaboo
I see hiding there.
Peekaboo, Peekaboo
I seeing hiding there.

Here is the poem the kids used for their card ( which consists of a teacup and a tea bag to place in the "cup")

A cup of tea to say thank you,
For everything you have done.
Enjoy, relax, and have a day
Of happiness and fun”

( Note- This is the page where I got my idea and the poem-

Our Summer Session of Storytime for 2 and 3 yr olds starts in June. We'll have our normal 10 am program June 2, and on June 16, we'll have a session at 10 am and also 11:30 am ( because it will be part of our Summer Reading Program, Fizz Boom Read!! )

See You Soon!!