Monday, May 4, 2015

Storytime for 2 and 3 yr old: Love Your Mama

For our final 2 and 3 program for Spring 2015, we celebrated moms ( since this Sunday is Mother's Day). The kids heard three books ( A Little Bit of Love by Cynthia Platt, Over in the Meadow by Olive Wadsworth, and When Mama Comes Home Tonight by Eileen Spinelli), rang some bells, and made a handprint card for their mom.

Here are one of the songs we did for today-

Daffodils fingerplay added 3-23-00 Original Author Unknown
(Show fingers or make daffodil puppets from cupcake liners and craft sticks!)

One little daffodil had nothing much to do,
Out popped another one, then there were two.
Two little daffodils were smiling at a bee,
Out popped another one, then there were three.
Three little daffodils were growing by the door,
Out popped another one, then there were four.
Four little daffodils were glad to be alive,
Out popped another one, then there were five.
Five little daffodils were wearing golden crowns,
They danced in the breeze in green satin gowns.

For background music, I played a classic compilation CD called For Sunday Brunch ( part of the For Your Life CD series). Here is Concerto in A major for two violins in Scordatura and Continuo by  Georg Philipp Telemann. Enjoy.

 This summer, Storytime for 2 and 3 will be  every Tuesday starting June 9 at 10 am, followed by 4 and 5's Storytime at 11: 15 am.  Starting Monday, June 8 at 6 pm, we will be having a Family Storyhour.
Stay tuned for more details.

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