Sunday, June 14, 2015

Book Review: Your Baby's First Word will be Dada!!-Jimmy Fallon

For most new moms and dads, when their child starts talking, they hope their first word will be "Mama" or " Dada". But in the animal world, it is most likely that a piglet will " Oink", a puppy will " Woof" and a duckling will " Quack". And while it might be frustrating, in time ( and in some form), they may one day say " Dada".

This is a really cute book from Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show. I love the oddly-cute animals like the triangular-shaped mice and the half-circle chickens. I would have like a bit of a plot, but I'm assuming that the intended audience is for the under 3 set, they can just point at the pictures and say the animal sounds in the bubbles (or  perhaps I could use  this for the animal/farm section of Mother Goose on the Loose.) Perfect for new dads.

Your Baby's First Word will be "Dada" by Jimmy Fallon
Age Range: 2 and up
*** (3 stars)

Looking for more books celebrating Dad ? Here are some recommendations:

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  • Saturday with Daddy  by Dan Andreasen
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  • The Fathers are Coming Home by Margaret Wise Brown

By the way, Fallon wrote a children's book long before he was married and had kids. It's called Snowball Fight!! and it's a good read aloud for winter.

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